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16 Ways, How To Make Website Article Seo Friendly.

16 Ways to Improve Your SEO Ranking 2021.

Did you know that 93% of experiences on the Internet start with a search engine? This means that when they search for or open anything on the internet, it starts with the use of a search engine. Therefore, the existence of search engines and optimization efforts is very important. Because Google's algorithms are always changing, it's important to understand a google algorhitm and learn SEO 2020 tricks for those of you who are in the world of websites.

In the optimization effort, of course what you want to achieve is the top page on the SERP. According to research, the top results on Google have a 33% chance of being visited. That's why every website owner is competing to become a website that is in the top results of the SERP page.

Increase SEO Ranking 2020

As previously reviewed, the Google algorithm will always be updated all the time and in real-time. Therefore every year the methods used to reach the top rankings of search results pages or so-called optimization will always change.

Here's how to improve your SEO ranking 2020.

SEO tricks change all the time. Source Pexels

1. Increase Page Loading Speed. 

The speed at which your pages load will actually have a negative effect on your SEO ranking in search engines. Besides that, a slow website will also affect your website visitors in their experience of browsing your website. This is of course very unfortunate.

Research shows 40% of visitors will leave a website if a page takes longer than 3 seconds to fully load. And the fact of the research is that 80% of those visitors will not return to the website. Even though it is only a few seconds apart, it turns out that the speed of loading the website pages is very decisive.

You can test your website's speed in loading pages. Many developers provide these test kits online and for free. If the website is slowing down on your site, immediately check your website's themes and plugins. If there are no problems, you can contact the hosting provider you are using. Make sure you entrust the best hosting provider.

2. Quality Content. 

A good site is a website that is always updated from time to time on a regular basis. In addition, the content that you update must be of high quality, latest, and relevant. Another factor that affects SEO rankings is the length of time visitors stay on your website pages.

If the website that you manage has fresh, interesting, and newsworthy information, it will keep visitors on your website pages longer and increase the duration that visitors stay on your website pages. Websites that provide highly informative content are usually liked by visitors and they will stay long in front of your website pages.

3. Optimize Image. 

In creating website content, you should insert good images in the content. To be optimal, you should choose the right image format and size. Large images can slow down page load times, this will certainly affect the ranking of your website on the SERP.

In addition, images that are used as material for filling website content must be inserted with keywords that will be aimed at Alt text. The addition of a description and also the source of the image must also be considered.

4. Content Structure. 

Have you ever read a writing like a novel, but not a novel. If you read an article on a website with only a title and content in the form of a paragraph of text, of course it will look boring. We recommend that you rearrange your paragraphs so that they are not too long so that they are not boring when reading.

Another step is that you can divide the content of the article that you write into several parts and separated by subtitles. Thus readers can quickly understand the content of the content through the subtitles used. Separate with H1, H2, H3 and so on. With structured content, it certainly doesn't make readers bored and leave your site immediately.

5. Not Just Text. 

Don't just stick to quality content in the form of text. Apart from using text and images, you should add a few other elements to the content of your site. Multiple tables, infographics, slides, or videos you can add. These elements can help improve the user experience.

To increase the duration of the user's visit, you can insert a video or sound file. Not everyone will like reading activities. Therefore, to overcome this, give visitors the option to play sound or video files. You can also collect sound files to make podcasts, which in the future are starting to get a place.

6. Fix Broken Links. 

Broken links have a bad influence on your SEO. Therefore, always check for broken link at any time so that you avoid this. Apart from being a bad influence, these broken links lead to a bad user experience.

7. Optimize For Mobile Devices. 

The use of mobile devices from time to time continues to increase. In fact, its use exceeds the use of a laptop or computer. This of course is considered by Google as the provider of the largest internet search platform in the world.

The website you build needs to be optimized for mobile users. You can build a website with the ability to be accessed using a mobile, or what is commonly called a mobile friendly or responsive site. If your site is not optimized for mobile devices, it will hamper the user experience, adversely affecting your site's ranking.

8. Page Layout. 

Make sure you don't put a lot of ads, images and pop ups that cover the page too much. This will be bad for your SEO ranking. Make sure you compose a page that is pleasing to the visitor's eye. A good page layout will improve the user experience.

The composition of images, letters or fonts, bold, italicized and so on will make it easier for visitors to quickly 'scan' your page. Usually visitors who open your page will see the page as a whole first before they pay attention to the details.

Take advantage of social media for SEO. Source Pexels

9. Encourage Sharing on Social Media. 

Every website built with SEO optimization for now seems to need to be active on social media. You can use website visitors to encourage them to share content on your website on their social media. Even though this seems trivial, the distribution of website content on social media will be good for SEO.

One of the best ways to do this is to include a social sharing icon in all the content you create on your website. You must also share a link to your website content on your own social media page. When the information you shared appears on someone else's timeline, they only need one click to share it again.

10. Write the Right Title. 

. making content titles is not arbitrary. The title must match the content that will be shared through the website. In addition, you should insert keywords in the title sentence. The most appropriate placement is at the very front. But it is possible that you put it in the middle or back. Later the title will form a permalink that will be shaped like that forever, because it should not be changed.

11. Write a Meta Description. 

Meta descriptions are very important in creating posts on the website. Meta descriptions or meta descriptions will usually appear in excerpts on search engine pages, so you have to create meta descriptions correctly. Usually the meta description contains some kind of description of the post. In addition, the meta description provides reasons why website visitors should open the article and read it.

Meta description creation is limited to 160 characters meaning you cannot make meta description too long. In addition, the meta description must contain the keywords that will be targeted. If you are using a WordPress plugin such as the All-in-One SEO Pack or Yoast, you will get a form to write a meta description at the bottom of the blog editor.

12. Create Cellular Applications. 

Google now indexes apps on Google search with Firebase App Indexing. When your app shows up in Google search, it automatically becomes a valuable resource. However, in making this mobile application, it must be tailored to your business. Whether your business requires a mobile application or not.

13. Diversify Links. 

If you want to rank high on SERp then don't just focus on one of the methods of building backlinks such as building PBN backlinks . You will need to get links to your site from blogs, directories, and sometimes from the homepage of other sites. Make sure that whatever links you create are relevant too as they tend to have a big impact.

14. Take advantage of Google Business. 

The use of various features released by Google is very useful and helpful for your website optimization activities. If you track a keyword on the internet, what will appear on the search results page is partly a product or platform from Google such as YouTube, Google Map and at this time what needs to be built is the Google business.

Even though this is quite trivial, creating a Google Map, Google my business, video content on YouTube and other opportunities can be very useful to help optimize your website. Local SEO is important, especially if you have a well-located business. Therefore, immediately create an account on Google Business.

Determine your website Niceh. Source Unsplash

15. Determine Your Niche. 

To focus on one content on the website, it is necessary to focus on one keyword. You can insert several keywords in the content, including the meta description, title and content. Likewise with your website, you should focus on one discussion and / or a theme scope which is commonly called a blog or website niche. 

Using a theme scope or a niche will make it easier for search engines to index your website. Don't let you create a website with content that is too broad a theme, such as an online news website portal, unless you create a website like that.

16. Using Influencers. 

Currently, the existence of influencers on YouTube channels is one that is taken into consideration in the world of digital marketing. The number of followers on YouTube is able to influence the audience to use one product. YouTube channels that have a large number of followers can actually be used to build YouTube backlinks.

You can take advantage of it. Look for influencers who will be willing to post your website link on their channels. of course there is something in return that you have to give in material form such as money or the products you sell. 

Apart from taking advantage of followers, there are other ways that you open your own YouTube channel and carry out a campaign to have a large number of followers and viewers. But later on, your resources will be drained for that activity because it's the right step to work with YouTube influencers who already have large followers.

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